I will be writing on these following topics in an organized fashion.

  1. Discipleship
  2. Daily Christian Life
  3. Ministry
  4. Womanhood
  5. Training and Education
  6. Homemaking
  7. Book Reviews
  8. Poems
  9. Archive – Writings


  • Discipleship is the very core of our existence and our walk with God. We are called to follow Jesus radically, completely, to trust Him, to obey His commandments, and to make disciples of all nations.
  • Daily Christian Life includes the challenges we come across and opportunities to live as Jesus lived, such as with contentment, hospitality, and so forth
  • Ministry, meaning servanthood in the likeness of our Messiah. 
  • Womanhood*, approaching our lives from the basis of Scripture and the examples of Mary, Dorcas, Hannah, and other faithful and devout women.
  • Training and Education, encouragement for young women to gain worthy skills and seek after excellence
  • Homemaking* – Discussions regarding practical, everyday issues relating to adult life and the preparation for possible motherhood, a ministry of world-changing importance that is uniquely female.
  • Book Reviews and Resources
  • Poems and Songs authored/composed by myself and others
  • Testimonies and Interviews
  • ArchiveWritings ie. about “Coming of Age”

*These topics may seem very politically incorrect in the modern day, but have addressed my views on feminism in this post.

Other Articles

Several years ago, I did an extensive blog series on the Shining Stars Magazine website titled, “Becoming Bat Mitzvah”, about coming-of-age. It would be a nice resource for early adolescent girls!

Here are the topics that I covered – I pray you may be blessed!

    1. Becoming Bat Mitzvah
    2. The Importance of Becoming Bat Mitzvah
    3. A New and Circumcised Heart Part 1 and Part 2
    4. The Great Mitzvah Part 1 and Part 2
    5. Miriam’s Altar
    6. Love Thy Neighbour Part 1  Part 2,
    7. Part 3, Part 4 
    8. and Part 5
    9. Commandments of Life
    10. The Old Covenant Temple
    11. The New Covenant Temple
    12. Purity Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
    13. The Woman I Want To Be
    14. Servanthood (Intro)
    15. Servanthood Part 1, and Part 2,
    16. The Purpose of All Commandments
    17. The Bat Mitzvah Years
    18. Learning to Learn, Part 1, Part 2 
    19. Acquiring Skills
    20. Becoming Who He Is
    21. Valued By God or Men?
    22. Prayers for Bat Mitzvahs
    23. Testimony and Exhortation
    24. After the Ascension
    25. Giving, Not Keeping